Opportunities for Teachers with NOAA

Internships, summer experiences, workshops, conferences and online activities – if you teach any weather, climate, or geography you should consider bookmarking this site and checking it regularly!    There are even free courses that carry graduate credit.    http://www.education.noaa.gov/Educator_Opportunities/#page=All 

Oklahoma Water Resources

Water is becoming more and more important to Oklahomans.  There are water shortages, legal conflicts over water ownership, climate change and the occasional flood.  All of these and more are reflected in the daily and hourly changes in streamflow in watersheds across the state. This information is readily available and it makes for great discussions and projects on graphing and interpretation of graphs.

What you will find is hourly streamflow, water use, groundwater, maps and other water-related data for dozens of water locations in Oklahoma.  What you won’t find are lesson plans.  This is an area where you can shine by making your own:



Oklahoma Climate

Oklahoma Climate – The educator’s part of the Oklahoma Climatological Survey is at http://climate.ok.gov/ and there is an incredible amount of material here – lesson plans, current data, archived data, and so forth.  The site is interlinked with Okahoma’s companion weather-education organizations – Mesonet and Earthstorm.  These are major sites with lots of information and teaching ideas – they take awhile to get familiar with where the materials are located.  Sometimes there are summer workshops to help you with this.  There already exists a cadre of experienced teachers who are using these materials in their classrooms.  In any case, be prepared to invest some time and energy, and in return, your classroom with be the premier weather classroom in your district if not your county.

Oklahoma Climate:  http://climate.ok.gov/

Oklahoma Mesonet:  www.mesonet.org

Earthstorm (Education):  http://www.mesonet.org/index.php/earthstorm

Oklahoma Weather

If you like the raw data, whether it is satellite (of many kinds), radar (doppler and reflective) this site has it without any ads or hoopla., They also link you to the same kind of info anywhere else in the nation.

There is a nice matrix of weather lessons at the lower left, called “Jetstream”.  I have reviewed that elsewhere in this blogsite; search for “weather”.


Weather Lessons from your National Weather Service

Pu-lease!  Not another wordfind or definitions exercise!  Nope, that is not what you will find on this site.  Nor will you find a list of links to links to (hopefully) lessons you can use.  What you will find is a number of packaged, free, ready-to-use lessons on many aspects of weather and oceanography.  There is also a nice matrix that breaks them into subjects and sub-subjects.  Some of the material is appropriate for early elementary and some of it can be used all the way into high school.  (Or you can use it yourself).

The only downside I have found is that there is no filter for grade level.  The good news is you’ve paid for it with your tax dollars so you can use it for free in any way you want.  They say so, right on the opening page.  So go explore the NWS.  Their education site is called “Jetstream”.   http://www.srh.noaa.gov/srh/jetstream/index.htm