Ghost Towns in Oklahoma

We will bring the history lesson (and posts) to an end today – what better place than ghost towns.   Here is a list of nearly 100 in Oklahoma!  Surely there is one near you.  These all have links and many of them have comments and images.  You can add to the list and you can add your images.   Sounds to me like a great place to begin (or end) a research project.   So here’s the link, and tomorrow we’ll get back to science in the GSO – the Great State of Oklahoma.

History of Oklahoma Highways

Today seems to have evolved into an Oklahoma History theme.  Fine, let it go in that direction then.  Here is another one of Wes Kinsler’s sites that I have used often. This one is about the history of Oklahoma Highways.  It’s good for armchair traveling, either down the highway or backwards into time.

Oklahoma Bridges

A photographic history of bridges throughout Oklahoma, and some discussions and diagrams of the various kinds of trusses. Especially useful for students working on a balsa-wood bridge for Engineering Day!  The pages “Bridge Design” and “Oklahoma Bridge Types” would be excellent required reading for these students.