Oklahoma Museum Network

We are fortunate here in Oklahoma to have the number of museums we have.  There are five (!) that concentrate on teaching Science Inquiry to children.  Better yet, they work together even though they are are totally separate entities.  Aahh, Oklahoma, where folks of all kinds still stick together for the common good.  I digress.

The list is put out on a regular basis by the museum consortium and it will keep you posted on activities in these five museums as well as around and pertaining to them.  If you are at all within a bus-ride of any of them you should consider joining the list.  It is an auto-sign up tab off of this page:  http://www.sciencemuseumok.com/omn/static/educators/inquiry_workshops.php

The five museums are:

Science Museum Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

Leonardo’s Discovery Warehouse, Enid

Museum of the Great Plains, Lawton

Tulsa Air and Space Museum, Tulsa

and the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum, Seminole.

You can access any of these from the Oklahoma Museum Network website at http://www.sciencemuseumok.com/omn/

Finally, the whole concept of Inquiry-based children’s museums began with the Exploratorium in San Francisco.  If you ever get a chance to visit think of it as the “Patriarch” of science museums.  They have a huge online resource collection of inquiry-based teaching ideas and materials too.  Go ahead – spend the afternoon there right now, right from your desk!  http://www.exploratorium.edu/

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