Why you should consider joint lists

People often ask “How did you know about  that?”  One way to keep up with grants, trips and opportunities, as well as quick little things like classroom openers and activities is by subscribing to selected email lists.  These are some of my favorites; please feel free to add your comments or better yet, your favorite email lists!

Naturally it is a good idea to use a special email just for these lists, for example “Dottiesclass@yippee.com”.  I like to take it a step further and sign up for a series of email addresses, like “Dottiesclass12@yippee.com, Dottiesclass13@yippee.com, Dottiesclass14@yippee.com” . . .   You get the idea.  Each email address in the series has a special purpose and each can be easily killed if it causes a problem.

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