Cabin fever from the recent ice storm?

Oooh Nooo, another day of being stuck indoors for the younger kids (they can only be outside for so long) and you don’t anticipate another day of video games and LOUD tv shows…. so on Skye’s suggestion I’ve made of list of links to 100’s of great and fun science and arts activities. Most are short. Some will take you into the Christmas break. It’s too long for here so I’ve put it on my *new* Facebook page called sciencecabinet and crossposted it below.    Hundreds of Activities in science and in the arts for kids (and their parents) who are stuck inside… Links of links from India. Each project has nice pictures and an easy description. English is of course the national language of India but you will find some unusual words or usages – that’s part of the fun of it! From math to arts to science of all kinds. Start with the link “Toys from Trash” to get a feel for it. Short science activities from the Mother of All Hands-On Musems, the Exploratorium in San Fransisco (OKC’s Omniplex was inspired by the Exploratorium). Each activity has a description, an explanation, and usually a video to show how to do it. Toymaker site with good photos and more – of simple toys that have a sort of science angle to them. Broken into two age groups – elementary and middle school (which includes adults). Webmaster is a middle-school science teacher. More on the weird side, like “unwise microwave experiments”, but great for older husband-types. Kids will enjoy watching Dad play. List of links to more kids at-home science projects links. Some of these projects are more long-term, like making mosaics. They are all very good and are collected from around the world. Shows you the tricks on how to perform 60 classic, basic science demonstrations and do them so they actually work. He sells materials for some really cool demos, but he also has a series of bell-ringers on video. Search his site for experiments, or search youtube for “Steve Spangler Sick Science” for the bellringers. Very positive, upbeat guy who uses science as a tool to teach positive thinking. Most of these take much longer, and are more keyed to those interested in environmental science and/or using a microscope. Bill has a few projects, but those are very well explained. More out-of-doors activities than not. More projects, most of them long-term but there are some good ones here. Air cannons, marshmallow guns (automatic of course) and more!

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