Oklahoma Climate

Oklahoma Climate – The educator’s part of the Oklahoma Climatological Survey is at http://climate.ok.gov/ and there is an incredible amount of material here – lesson plans, current data, archived data, and so forth.  The site is interlinked with Okahoma’s companion weather-education organizations – Mesonet and Earthstorm.  These are major sites with lots of information and teaching ideas – they take awhile to get familiar with where the materials are located.  Sometimes there are summer workshops to help you with this.  There already exists a cadre of experienced teachers who are using these materials in their classrooms.  In any case, be prepared to invest some time and energy, and in return, your classroom with be the premier weather classroom in your district if not your county.

Oklahoma Climate:  http://climate.ok.gov/

Oklahoma Mesonet:  www.mesonet.org

Earthstorm (Education):  http://www.mesonet.org/index.php/earthstorm

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