Weather Lessons from your National Weather Service

Pu-lease!  Not another wordfind or definitions exercise!  Nope, that is not what you will find on this site.  Nor will you find a list of links to links to (hopefully) lessons you can use.  What you will find is a number of packaged, free, ready-to-use lessons on many aspects of weather and oceanography.  There is also a nice matrix that breaks them into subjects and sub-subjects.  Some of the material is appropriate for early elementary and some of it can be used all the way into high school.  (Or you can use it yourself).

The only downside I have found is that there is no filter for grade level.  The good news is you’ve paid for it with your tax dollars so you can use it for free in any way you want.  They say so, right on the opening page.  So go explore the NWS.  Their education site is called “Jetstream”.

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This site is, and had been, primarily a resource for teaching science (especially elementary and homeschool science) in Oklahoma and Texas.

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